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I heard this term used somewhere, it was about a family that had decided to move from one continent to another. I thought it a fitting discription for an event so marked in any person’s life.

I have been away from this blog for over a year. My excuse has always been school, particularlythe last two years of finishing my undergrad social sciences degree with its research projects and dragged out internship workload.

All that is behind me now. I have already moved from the windy salty shores of Muizenberg beachfront to the pine scented cooler Zomba Platue. The setting of my story hass moved to a slower paced but more challenging environment.

My dreams of owning and running a deli-bookshop-artsy craft shop are begining to come true slowly but surely. I was apprehensive at first, not knowing where to start or if it was indeed possible to realise such a dream in my community. Watch this space.

The mountains have welcomed me back as they always do. The air is so clear, the alternating heat and cold more intense, the thunderstorms louder and more passionate in the daily downpours. This place revives my spirit always, no matter how tired I am after a long day. Driving back up the hill and resting in the stillness of the cool nights is a treat to the soul.

In a few days I will be back in the Cape visiting for a few days. I’m already counting the days to come home. I have not lost my loyalty to my home in the Cape;  I still cherish each nook and cranny of that paradise. But now I am back to my roots in what has always been home.

The future? More painting, sewing, crafting, cooking up endless delicacies, landscaping/gardening, giving zumba classes, writing up poetry and short stories, making music, getting a Masters. I really don’t need much motivation to be creative in this place. Heres to the rebirth of the artist in me!

Here’s to history succesfully moved!