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Who Can I Become?

At the ripe old age of 29, this seems like a silly question to ask myself. However, I came across it while going through a social psychology paper and thought-why not? So here goes.

Who can I become?

I can become a missionary, living in Madagascar-Botswana-or in the Karoo. I can become that woman that leaves everything behind, all the luxuries of modern city life, all the comforts and ease that I enjoy. I can live in a mud hut, a grass hut, or whatever kind of hut is on offer. I can live without electricity and running water, cooking meals on an open hearth. I want to be the one that shows up with a back pack of clothes, no make-up, a pair of sneakers and Bata slippers (the red ones). I want to be around different people, different from myself, different languages and culture. I want to be the silent student amongst them, to watch and learn how life is lived.

I can become a wife, a treasured companion of some quiet man. A gentle man, that doesn’t mind going off with me into the desert to learn about life. A wife that loves to cook and spoil her children, one who would go to great lengths to make her brood happy; and keep a big smile on her husband’s face.

I can become a foster mother, with arms wide open, working with children and babies all over the land. I can be the tireless worker that cooks giant pots of porridge, that changes hundreds of nappies, that carries warm wiggly bundles on my back and in my lap. I can get lost in the plight of street kids in Antananarivo (Madagascar), or the Aids orphans of Mamuno (Bostwana) or Nacala (Mozambique). I can even invest several years caring for the infants and toddlers in Beaufort West (South Africa).

I can go on that dream voyage to the Antarctic, see the ice and feel the freeze; maybe even stay over there for some months. I can become that girl on the Mercy Ships; travelling ports in the name of Jesus and bringing healing to many lands.

I can become fearless, strong and carefree. I can become a proud mother of three. I can become the missionary I’ve always wanted to be. Maybe I can do it, let’s wait and let’s see; I can become anything with Christ walking beside me!

I wonder what you can come up with in response to this question. Be Blessed!