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Please give me the courage to walk in my own shoes

To see through my own eyes

To fill my own lungs with air


Please help me to hear the sounds through my own ears

To not be afraid of my own tears

To not bow down to my many fears


Give me the grace to really feel with my own heart

Through my own faith-help me to believe and see

Show me how and where to start


I need patience Lord with myself

Show me which step to take

I can be very cruel and unkind to me

Show me what changes to make


Teach me again what it means to be me

Teach me again what it means to be free

For what use am I to you

If I am not what you created me to be?


This came out in my prayers last night, it was very powerful especially on this journey of acceptance. I am still struggling to accept who I am-when God accepted me the day He created me? How can this be-it does not make sense.  It is often so much easier to be like everybody else – to fit in – to do what is ‘normal’ and popular, to the extent of forgetting who we were in the beginning; what made us unique, individual, authentic, genuine?

Food for thought.

I hope these words resonate with someone out there.