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I am headed to Joburg this weekend.

That thought alone filled me with so much dread. I used to live for the road, out of my suitcase,loving the unsettled-ness of the traveler’s life. That was years ago.

In under two months, I will turn 29. I have changed too much from the carefree rolling stone I used to be. Back then, the thought of spending a year in the same house would fill me with dread, I would need to move on, find the next adventure, see what’s behind the next hill, pack my bags and head off for the next thrill.

Now I shudder at the thought of getting on a plane, flying for 2hrs to the huge menacing city that is Joburg. I have not set foot-or airmile-outside Cape Town in two years. This City is like a warm fleecy blanket on a wet winter’s night. Why on earth would I want to leave it?

Everything I need is here; for my hiking spirit-there is Table mountain, for my nature spirit-there are endless amazing places to sit and commune with creation, for my foodie spirit-wow!-where do I start on the variety of edibility, for my water body spirit-two oceans, both with their own personalities and flavour for me to pick and choose who to spend my days with. This city is alive and vibrant no matter what season or time of day.

Funny how two years can make such a huge difference.

It is for a good reason I’m heading to Joburg. A family friend-sister really-is getting married on Saturday. This friend I spent rolling-stoning around England with; an interesting 21st birthday in Skegness, a great tour of New Castle, summer in Brighton, loads of tours in London, lots of fun and traveling. She was a kindred spirit-we both lived for the journey. but that was before I came to Cape Town.

I hope to share my past journeys with you, dear reader. Although I will probably be sharing more about Cape Town, through pictures and stories of our life over here, down in the tail of the African continent. With my psychologists eye; reflections on personal stories and events, with my sociologists eye-the more social reflections on life and events. We have elections happening very soon, very interesting time for South Africa.

And with my Christ-centered eye, the love of Jesus is what I look forward to sharing the most.

I look forward to this new blogging journey.

Far more than my journey to Joburg.